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After procrastinating for far too long, and losing countless hours of sleep worrying that we were not properly prepared for the unexpected, and then trying the online DIY method for setting up the appropriate documents (a disastrous idea), I learned from a close friend that Scott Lynett was developing estate plans. Scott has an outstanding reputation in legal and business circles, so it was easy for us to give him a call and set up a meeting. And it was just as easy to figure out, with Scott's expert guidance, which set of plans was right for us, for our family, and for our finances. Within a few weeks, we were set up with a thorough and comprehensive estate plan that covers every aspect of our legacy needs and wishes. We emerged with a binder, and digital copies, of every document, organized perfectly for our executor(s) and heirs to find everything they would need in one place, backed up by a digital vault at Lynett Law. Scott and the firm's Client Services Director, Zachary Graham, went beyond our expectations to explain the process, answer every imaginable question, and, most importantly, listen to our story, learn about our wishes and hopes, and develop the plan we can now live with in peace. I still don't sleep very well, but not because we don't have our estate plan in order. I've found other things to worry about. But thanks to Scott and Zach, we can rest assured that our family will be in good stead when the unexpected happens.

– Peter Kilcullen

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