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The Future of Estate Planning: Trends and Predictions

Posted by Scott Lynett, Esq. | Jun 21, 2024 | 0 Comments

As an estate planning attorney, I have had the privilege of guiding families through the process of securing their legacy and ensuring their wishes are honored. Over the years, there have been significant changes in how estate planning is approached, and as we look to the future, several trends and predictions stand out. These developments are set to redefine the landscape of estate planning, making it more efficient, inclusive, and responsive to your family's needs.

Changes to Federal Tax Laws: The Federal Estate Tax exemption is at an all-time high today but is scheduled to be cut in half in 18 months. This dramatic increase in the federal death tax could severely impact your family and future generations. Planning today can save your family from facing a significant tax burden.

Long-Term Care Planning: Estate planning today involves careful consideration of the need for long-term care planning. As lifespans continue to increase, future estate plans will place even greater emphasis on long-term care planning. This includes considering options such as long-term care insurance, Medicaid planning, and creating trusts to protect assets from being depleted by healthcare costs.

Tailored Plans: Every family is different. The emotional, relational as well as financial needs of each family member must to be considered in an estate plan. Equal is not always fair and fair is not always equal. Highly tailored plans that accommodate non-traditional family structures, such as blended families, same-sex couples, and multi-generational households, are becoming more and more common in our practice. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Specialized Trusts: We have seen and will continue to see an increase in specialized trusts designed to address specific concerns, such as Spousal Lifetime Asset Trusts for asset protection as well as tax planning. We are also seeing growth in special needs trusts for individuals with disabilities, pet trusts for animal lovers, incentive trusts that motivate beneficiaries to achieve certain goals.

Emphasis on Digital Assets: In our increasingly digital world, it's essential to consider digital assets in estate planning. These assets, which include social media accounts, cryptocurrencies, online subscriptions, and digital photos, require special attention. This includes providing clear instructions on accessing and distributing these assets, as well as designating a digital executor to handle them.

Cryptocurrency Considerations: As cryptocurrencies become more prevalent, estate planners must stay informed about the legal and tax implications of these assets. Properly addressing the ownership and transfer of cryptocurrencies will be a critical aspect of modern estate planning.

Healthcare Directives: Clear and comprehensive healthcare directives will be a standard component of estate plans. These directives ensure that an individual's medical wishes are respected and provide guidance to family members during difficult times.

Enhanced Education and Awareness: Finally, the future of estate planning will involve increased education and awareness. As people become more informed about the importance of estate planning, they will be more proactive in creating and updating their plans.

Regular Reviews and Updates: Estate planning is not a one-time event. Regular reviews and updates will become the norm, ensuring that estate plans remain current and effective in light of changing laws, financial situations, and family dynamics.

By embracing technology, personalization, and education, we can help you create robust and adaptable estate plans that reflect the evolving needs of you and your family. I am excited to be a part of this transformation and look forward to continue helping you secure your legacies for generations to come. If you'd like to learn more about my practice and some of the futuristic approaches that we offer, I invite you to use the link below to schedule a free consultation today.

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